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Get Equipped


Inter-church Partnership Missions

An Inter-church Partnership Mission (IPM) is formed between Emmanuel & Associates and the evangelical church in North America partnering with a church in the United Kingdom for the purpose of local outreach missions. We recommend a multi-year commitment so that we can see the ministry objectives and vision accomplished. The overall purpose should be to serve, encourage, evangelize and equip the receiving church in the UK. Outreach in the community can be done in many ways, all of which have proven successful in our past experience. The group size is flexible, with as few as five and as many as twenty.

Developing Dynamic Prayer Model

One of the vital areas for successful ministry is an effective prayer program, both within the church and among many individual intercessors. We assist your church in developing prayer as a core ministry. We can organize retreats for pastors and lay leaders, as well as conducting a prayer seminar in your church. We are pioneering a prayer networking website to support and facilitate prayer activity by specific intercessors for every street in the UK.

Engaging Communities

We can conduct a Community Engagement Audit (CEA) to help your church identify and customize specific programs to serve your community at their point of need. In additional, our Best Practice Forum can supply your church with resources to assure a successful implementation of your community outreach. Additionally, IPM teams can target their outreach activities according to the findings of the Community Engagement Audit.

Strengthening Men

This is a very exciting method of partnering with churches to help them address addictions specific to men. It will help men to step up, confess and repent they are not God’s ideal man, and then let God free them to be all He desires them to be. Targeted resources are made available in the areas of addiction to work, alcohol and pornography. This will enable men to perform better in their marriage, family, work and relationships. We will also challenge pastors to meet these issues head-on in their preaching on what a biblical man is before God.

Organized Retreats

Emmanuel & Associates offers various retreats targeting pastors, ministry leaders and laity alike. These retreats will target how to engage in dynamic and powerful pray that receives answers. Additionally, we can assist your church in methods of engaging your community in an effective way for Christ. Finally, we offer a “Men Behaving Boldly” small group retreat to help men understand their leadership responsibility in the home, church and community at large.

Purpose Statement

E & A exists to enable and assist church leaders and congregations in Britain towards a passionate love for Jesus, allowing them to contribute significantly to the advancement of God's kingdom, both locally and nationally.

Mission Statement

E & A's mission is to engage, challenge, encourage and equip Christians in Britain, particularly men, to live biblical, Godly and impactful lives. They will be characterized by dynamic prayer, boldly engaging their communities in practical and relevant ways, and challenging other men to have a passion for God. This mission will be supported by the development of tools, resources and seminars to train both pastors and lay leaders to be biblical examples before God, their families, their sphere of influence and the greater community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for individual Christians and churches in the UK that are fully engaged and committed to dependent and expectant prayer for the lost. The churches will be "outward-facing", having an ever-growing passion for the lost and demonstrating a deep confidence in God and His amazing gospel to change lives. These individuals will demonstrate credible and compelling lives, helping the unsaved feel accepted and cared for. As a result of building trust through serving the community, the church will be perceived as a body of loving people. The church will then be able to develop mature Christians who will be released from the bondage of sin and who are empowered to live for God, thereby impacting their homes, workplaces and the greater community for Christ.


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